KUSI Discusses Divorce with Burgos Santoyo Smith

kusi interview good business san diego burgos santoyo smaith

KUSI interviewed Burgos Santoyo Smith’s founders, Gretel Smith and Rosario Santoyo, about their mission to help people navigate the complexities of divorce. Roy Robertson hosts KUSI’s morning segment, Good Business San Diego. He had an interview featuring how to walk through a divorce and find the best possible life after divorce. He asked what the […]

Child Support 101

child suport

Child support is mandatory in any case where minor children are involved. Neither parent may waive children support. Parents and guardians can stipulate a set amount. However, if that amount is lower than the state guideline, the parties must stipulate several other issues. How does child support begin? When a person files a family law […]

How to prepare for and fund your divorce

How to prepare for and fund your divorce

If you are contemplating divorce, one of the things you need to think about is the immediate expenses involved in getting a divorce. Here’s a quick guide to get you prepared for divorce and for the next chapter in your life.