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BSS Law San Diego Divorce Lawyer Services Areas of Practice

Divorce / Dissolution

Whether you seek a divorce or were recently served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, we are here to help you. If you were served with a Petition and Summons, you typically have 30 days to file your response. Schedule a consultation today to see if we can help guide you through this difficult time.

Family Law Appeals

Did you receive a ruling you disagree with? You may be eligible to file an appeal. Appeals have strict deadlines, so schedule a consultation with us today to see if your matter qualifies for an appeal.

Legal Separation

Sometimes you want to separate from your spouse without ending your marriage officially. A legal separation will allow you to stay married while living separately and apart, no longer creating community property. Call us today to discuss this option further.

Child Custody / Visitation

We are here to help you with all of your custody and visitation issues. Whether you are seeking to set up an initial custody schedule or modify custody based on a change in circumstances, Burgos Santoyo Smith, Inc. is here for you.


If your child is born outside of a marriage, then you need to establish that you or your former partner are legally the child’s parent. A Paternity action will help establish parentage, custody, and support.

Child Support

In California, child support is based on income as well as the amount of time spent with the child. If you need help with establishing or modifying support payments, call today to discuss calculations and options.

Spousal Support

The law provides both a duty to support family as well as a duty to become self-supporting. Call today to discuss your spousal support issue.

Complex Division Of Assets

Whether your marital estate consists of one account or several businesses, Burgos Santoyo Smith, Inc. is equipped to handle the division of your assets professionally. When necessary, we work with experts to provide the information needed for a fair result.

Military Retirement

If you or your partner are a member of the military, our experienced attorneys can help with your retirement concerns and issues. The military has special rules regarding retirement. Reach out to Burgos Santoyo Smith, Inc. to learn about your options.

Custody Move Away

When you need to move your children out of your current county, either agreement or an order is required. We will utilize the factors outlined by law to support your position in a move away case.

Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan is valuable to ensure your wishes are secured in advance regarding your end of life care, asset management, and property transfers to loved ones in the event of your untimely demise. We can assist you by creating legal trusts, wills, advance healthcare directives, and durable power of attorneys for finances to best prepare for the worst case scenario.

Step-Parent Rights

You may not biologically be a child’s parent but you may be able to establish visitation with your step-child. Consult our knowledgable attorneys today to see if you may qualify.

Grandparent Rights

If your grandchild's parents are either no longer married or never were married, you may be able to establish a custody and visitation schedule with your grandchild. Reach out today for an hour-long consultation to learn about your rights as a grandparent.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Whether you are being wrongfully accused of domestic violence or require the court’s protection against violence, we are here to handle any domestic violence needs your case requires to be addressed.

Guardianships including Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings

If you or a child are under 21, unmarried, and seeking permanent residence status, that child may qualify for a Special Immigrant Juvenile finding. We can work directly with your immigration attorney to see if you qualify.

Step-Parent Adoptions

A child does not have to be your biological child for you to love him or her. Step-parent adoptions are a way to make your spouse’s child legally your own.

Same Sex Divorce

Whether you want to dissolve a domestic partnership or a same sex marriage, Burgos Santoyo Smith, Inc. will guide you through the process.

post Judgment Modification

When you need a change in orders after your divorce is finalized, a Request for Order to modify can be filed to address any necessary changes. Call today to discuss whether your circumstances call for a post-judgment modification.


Ending a marriage or relationship does not have to be acrimonious. A Burgos Santoyo Smith, Inc., let our experienced attorneys assist you in reaching an amicable settlement so that you and your former partner can move towards a positive future.

Attorney Fee Requests

Attorney fees ensure each party has access to legal counsel. Call today to assess the possibility of having attorney fees granted.

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