KUSI Discusses Divorce with Burgos Santoyo Smith

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KUSI interviewed Burgos Santoyo Smith’s founders, Gretel Smith and Rosario Santoyo, about their mission to help people navigate the complexities of divorce. Roy Robertson hosts KUSI’s morning segment, Good Business San Diego. He had an interview featuring how to walk through a divorce and find the best possible life after divorce. He asked what the […]

I’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers! Now What?

I’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers! Now What? - San Diego Family Law

Whether you expect a divorce or are blindsided by being served the divorce papers during your morning coffee, most people respond to “service of process” for dissolution of marriage with one question: now what?

Divorce Tips and Tricks

Divorce Tips and tricks from Burgos Santoyo Smith

Our divorce tips and tricks help ensure that you are not exposing yourself to liability that could have lasting effects on your case.