Meet Gretel Smith, Attorney at Law

Finding a compassionate lawyer who is well-rounded and open-minded enough for anything thrown at her can be challenging. Luckily, Attorney Gretel Smith is a jack of all trades, master of law.

Gretel Smith is a founding partner of Burgos Santoyo Smith and a well-accomplished attorney of many talents. Finishing law school in only two and a half years, Smith graduated from California Western School of Law in June of 2010. Following in her father’s footsteps, she had him as an example, knowing of a legal career from a young age. Because of this, Smith was around plenty of other law firms, getting to experience the inner workings of other attorneys’ different personalities and approaches. Working as a law clerk and paralegal before she passed the bar exam, she’s seen many cases.

“It’s important to listen to your client and make sure their story is heard. “

– Gretel Smith, Esq.

Originally focusing on criminal defense, Smith shifted toward family law when she realized she liked the idea of being a guide. Ever the helpful person, she is an intermediary between tough information and her clients. Being a wife and mother, she also cares about the effects on familial ties. Specifically, she “[enjoys] helping families navigate through the changing dynamic [of] their family structure.”

Working with Attorney Gretel Smith

Equipped with knowledge, Smith finds it hard to pinpoint just one skill or moment that is more important than the other. When it comes to her work ethic, she keeps her sights on the overall picture, taking everything into consideration. She allows herself to be influenced, but continues to add to what she already knows: “Every case is different and every person’s story is important.  It’s important to listen to your client and make sure their story is heard.  By doing that you empower your client and hopefully obtain the result … [the client was] hoping for.”

Gretel Smith cares about the outcome for the client and how the client transitions to their own new circumstances. She understands that the adjusting period can feel tumultuous. Gretel advises clients that “ there is an end to this chapter and they can control their reactions to this change.”

Does working with Gretel Smith, Esq. feel like a good fit for your family law needs? Please contact us to schedule a consultation with her.

*DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article do not constitute legal advice but should be construed for general informational purposes only.

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