Meet Rosario Burgos Santoyo, Attorney at Law

In picking your attorney, it’s important to, well, know your attorney. Choosing representation in your case means understanding yourself and your goals, and picking your lawyer accordingly. Since we at Burgos Santoyo Smith are all about making sure our clients are informed along the way, we know that this starts with getting to know us as individuals. This series of articles is to get you one step closer to knowing just who is going to be talking to you when you reach for the phone, and who stands by you through a new chapter in your life. 

Rosario Burgos Santoyo is a founding partner of Burgos Santoyo Smith, and a well-accomplished attorney of many talents. Finishing law school in three years, Santoyo graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law on December 31, 2008. 

“It’s important for people to feel comfortable with sharing everything about their case with their attorney. It’s very personal.”

– Rosario Santoyo Smith

Santoyo always knew she wanted to be an attorney. Ever since her father encouraged her to pursue a career in law, it was all she worked towards. 

Starting out, Santoyo gathered as much experience with as many different areas of law as possible. In fact, while studying she began to work in different areas of law to get a taste, interning and working as a law clerk at different law firms. She motivated herself to become well-informed and humble. When she opened her first independent law practice in 2009, she did estate planning and bankruptcy, alongside family law. 

Then, a moment in her very first case shifted her perspective. Not even a day after she got sworn in and opened her practice, a woman seeking a divorce and restraining order against her husband told her of how he physically abused her. Her young son had to watch it happen. “I remember hearing the mother’s story, and hearing how her son was present during a domestic dispute. It was hard to listen to, but it also inspired me to do everything that I knew the law could do to keep this family and these children safe.”

Meet Rosario Santoyo Esq. - Family Law. Attorney San Diego California

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the last time Santoyo would hear stories like this. However, it was what awakened her sense of duty. By focusing on family law, she was reaching out to ordinary people and families that needed an eye in the storm. Santoyo would make a difference for people in an emotionally vulnerable position, and relate to them on a more personal level. “It’s important for people to feel comfortable with sharing everything about their case with their attorney. It’s very personal.”

Working with Attorney Rosario Santoyo

It is these morals that motivate Santoyo to keep up with family law, even through harder cases with complicated circumstances. She focuses on the results of her efforts for her clients. Rosario looks at the bigger picture and helps them make informed decisions for their new, raw chapter in life. It’s a bittersweet improvement. “[What motivates me is] actually seeing the difference. I also know that I am able to comfort people through this difficult time.” 

Santoyo knows the importance of paying attention to clients and adjusting based on the facts given to her. She adjusts based on her clients and what they need from her. “Many cases are similar, [but all] are different. No two cases are exactly alike.” However, there is one constant variable. When asked what skill of hers is most important, she says that it was actually her compassion. “Having a heart [and] being a caring person” is what attracts people to her, whether they consider legal representation from her, a business partner, or simply a fellow legal friend.

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*DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article do not constitute legal advice but should be construed for general informational purposes only.

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