New Year’s Resolutions: Make plans to succeed

With the new year comes renewed hope of finding the will to make positive change. It is the perfect opportunity to put something on your “to do” list you want to get done and nip procrastination in the bud. While good intentions are a key ingredient to making change, the most likely way to be successful in an endeavor to make change is to make a plan that will result in the desired outcome. Example? I thought you’d never ask.

Weight loss

It seems everyone has had “weight loss,” “eat healthy,” and “get fit” as a new year’s resolution. Coincidentally, it is on my list too! In order to try to make this feasible for me, I broke my goal into smaller tasks in order to help accomplish it.  This created a list that I could easily check off and, if followed consistently, would result in weight loss. Some of these tasks are to walk for 30 minutes, lift weights twice a week, document my meals, and weigh myself regularly. In addition to breaking down the resolution itself into tasks, I also broke it down into smaller goals to help me feel accomplished. Every 3-4 pounds I get a check-mark on my list and a small prize. Positive reinforcement, anyone? This makes me feel as though my resolution has been achieved with each and every check. 


Another regular on my resolution list is to get organized. How can I break organizing my home into a smaller task list?  I chose to divide my home into 50 different zones so that each week, I focus on one zone and only that zone, to make it perfectly organized. It will take the whole year to get through my list but if I stay on task, my home will be fully organized by Christmas! The key is to focus only on that week’s zone as opposed to the whole house.

Part of the organization is also making sure you have all of your estate planning documents in order. Let this be the year you do everything you need to prepare for the unexpected. From drafting a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive to updating your Will, nothing gives more peace of mind than knowing you have done everything possible to help your family as best you can in any situation that life may bring. 

Mental Health and Relationships

Another good New Year’s resolution is to prioritize your mental health. Do things that bring you joy. You may resolve to spend more time with your family or your significant other. Make a game night, a movie night, or plan to cook dinner together on a regular basis. Notice if you find your relationship is causing you to feel depressed, helpless, or unconnected with your partner. Try to take proactive steps to make it a healthy one. Schedule date nights, cook dinner together, enroll in therapy together or apart to work on what the problem may be. Sometimes, the best thing for you is to end your relationship.  Coming to that realization is difficult but know that you are not alone. Find a support group through co-workers, family or neighbors. Get started on a new, independent chapter in your life. 

Whether your New Year’s resolutions involve perfect organization, healthy weight loss, or finding the courage to leave a toxic relationship, know that you are worth it. There is no time like the present to make positive change. 

Are you looking to update your estate planning documents? Do you want more information on how to move forward with a life away from your partner? Call or email Burgos Santoyo Smith for a consultation and take the first step toward your resolution.

*DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article do not constitute legal advice but should be construed for general informational purposes only.

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